Zero to Infinity

His upcoming album ‘Zero to Infinity’ talks about Raftaar’s struggle that made him the music wonder that he is today.

Dilin Nair, born on 16 November in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is better known by his stage name Raftaar. He started his career as a rapper. His initial songs were Lil Golu and Young Amli (now known as Ikka) which he recorded and uploaded them on social sites. He then started working with Yo Yo Honey Singh as a part of group Mafia Mundeer. Raftaar was first introduced in the song "We Doin It Big" by RDB. Later, he starred in the album Born Star and contributed four songs, "Majnu", "Sugar","Tere piche" and "Bottle". His "Swag Mera Desi", a record-breaking song, won Best Urban Song at the Britasia Music Awards in 2014