Rozzcity is an entertainment channel featuring Rozz in her many quirky avatars and alter ego's. from doing fun raps to transforming into OTT characters. Dressed from head to toe in a fat suit and a grey, curly-haired wig to transform into Aunty Maggy, the upcoming YouTube sensation, is actually the alter ego of comedian Rozzlin Pereira, who humbly makes people forget their everyday worries, as she takes on contemporary issues and puts a humorous twist on them.

RozzCity, since the past two months, to give viewers a fresh start to the week. She says, “In a time when career stress, weight obsession, social pressures are at an all-time high, I thought that Aunty Maggy would be a breath of fresh air by doing what she does best.” Put simply, the character stands for simplistic happiness with few possessions, which shows for deep thinking on many different levels.