Kathleen Dsouza

Glamor time with Kathleen Dsouza

An online Beauty Guru. A former flight attendant. Learned makeup online. A 25-year-old lifestyle blogger from Mumbai. An expert on beauty. Reviews cosmetic products that will impress you. Full of beauty hacks.
With inspiration in abundance thanks to stories of these online beauty gurus who encouraged people to be comfortable in their own skin Kathleen was fired up, and she wanted to do something along the same lines.

You’ll be surprised to know that, in the beginning, she was not much into makeup and cosmetics. In fact, when she worked as a cabin attendant for an airline, initially, she had to ask her roommates to do her makeup. However, thanks to four years of flying experience, she gained a lot of knowledge about makeup and beauty hacks, which further made her fascination grow! So, she started researching about it and watching YouTube videos of beauty gurus like Jaclyn Hill, Manny MUA, and Jeffree Star, among others.