Who We Are
Since its inception in 2012, One Digital Entertainment has amassed over 2,500 content creators and partners with over 20 billion minutes of content watched on YouTube, making us India’s largest certified multi-channel network.

Currently home to some of the biggest names in the Indian media industry, the One Digital Entertainment family caters to content creators’ every single need, from planning and strategizing video content to production, syndication and distribution of the same.

Like family, One Digital Entertainment takes care of our own by building up and supporting our creators through innovative collaborations and detailed attention to brand-building.

We're not just building views - we're striving to build entertainers of the future.

In a fragmented content viewership ecosystem, we have developed a constantly-evolving formula for peak organic viewership through a harmonious marriage of creativity and technology.

However, most of our success can be attributed to our people – mavericks and innovators who have made it their personal responsibility to change, if not re-invent video entertainment in this glorious age.

One Digital Entertainment bestows brands an all-encompassing digital strategy that navigates through the hottest digital and social media platforms.

We currently have offices in Mumbai, Kolkata, Gurgaon and Singapore.