ShifuJi Shaurya Bhardawaj

Jai Hind

He is World's Best Commando Trainer since 2008 till date. Also accredited as the Brand Ambassador of Madhya Pradesh,India. In the arena of defense training, he dons multiple responsible turbans.

GrandMaster Shifu: He is Special Commando Trainer of the Hawk Commandos, Special Armed Forces, Counter Terrorist Group, Special Task Force & Anti-Terrorist Squad. Also inventor of Shatru Vinashak Killing Skills; Extreme Urban warfare & Military Martial Arts; Special modified Close Quarter Battle & Special Commandos VIP Protection skills of the Elite Special Forces. In the revolutionary field of self-defence training, he is the Founder of- Mission Prahaar, whose sole target is to train at the least 1 crore women with special and practical Self Defense techniques, for free, in rural and urban India. Himself being the Grandmaster-Headmaster-Successor, he is also the Founder of Indian warrior monk’s tradition